In The Media

Huffington Post. April 17. "The Climate Post: Federal Appeals Court Upholds EPA Mercury Rule." Tim Profeta

New Scientist. April 17. "The Story of Climate Change Gets Star Treatment." Frederick Mayer

New York Times. April 17. "Turn Emotion Into Action." Kristin Goss

MSNBC. April 16. "What Happens When the 1% Rules the American Political System." Nicholas Carnes

Psychology Today. April 16. "School Program Dampens Threat Response, Aggression." Kenneth Dodge

High Point Enterprise. April 15. "Mousa Alshanteer: We Need Another North Carolina Fund." Robert Korstad

The Star Ledger. April 14. "Homegrown Terrorism Threat was Overhyped: Opinion." David Schanzer

News & Observer. April 14. "Michael Munger: Economics Lesson." Michael Munger

New York Times. April 13. "In New Officers' Careers, Peace is No Dividend." Peter Feaver

Huffington Post. April 10. "Here's Scientific Proof that Life Gets Better as You Get Older." Peter Ubel


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