In The Media - Archive 2006

Some of the links may lead to content that is no longer available online.

TPM Café, Dec. 20: Public Policy Professor Bruce Jentleson analyzes the potential weaknesses in President Bush’s latest strategy for resolving terrorism issues and the conflict in Iraq.

WUNC-FM “The State of Things”, Dec. 19: Noah Pickus, associate professor of public policy studies at Duke, joins a conversation today on North Carolina Public Radio’s “The State of Things” about the role and expectations of police officers in matters of federal immigration violations.

The New York Times, Oct. 26: Bruce W. Jentleson, professor of public policy, comments on midterm elections. He points out that President Bush is taking a gamble in assuming a candid approach can rescue GOP candidates who are struggling to defend the war.

WUNC Public Radio, Oct 19: Fritz Mayer, associate professor of public policy and political science at Duke, discusses NAFTA labor complaints on “The State of Things.” 
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TPM Cafe’s America Abroad blog, Oct. 4: Duke public policy professor Bruce Jentleson comments on news that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been advising President Bush on Iraq.

The (London) Times, Sept. 22: Bruce Jentleson, professor of public policy and a former official in the Clinton Administration, comments on Democratic Party strategy in light of November’s midterm elections.

Marketplace, Sept. 14: Health Policy Professor Chris Conover says we need to rethink health insurance coverage and give people the same kind of tax breaks to buy their own insurance that we now provide to people with employer plans.

CBS News, Sept. 1: Sanford public policy professor and veteran journalist Susan Tifft lays out a few suggestions for the “Evening News with Katie Couric.”

TPM Café's American Abroad blog, Aug. 18: "The UN has its best opportunity in many years to demonstrate the crucial role it can play in international peace and security," writes Bruce Jentleson, Duke professor of public policy at the Terry Sanford Institute.

TPM Café's American Abroad blog, Aug. 9: Public Policy professor Bruce Jentleson takes issue with the spin some are putting on Sen. Joe Lieberman's primary defeat.

The New York Times, Aug. 6:“ 'Civil war' is sort of a proxy term for wars we cannot win,” says Christopher F. Gelpi, a professor of political science at Duke who has worked on gauging opinions on Iraq with Peter D. Feaver, a Duke professor of political science and public policy now on leave as a White House adviser.

Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 1: Public Policy professor Bruce Jentleson ,a former State Department planning staff member, says two "crucial elements" stand out that will determine success for an international agreement to end Middle East hostilities.

TPM Cafe's America Abroad blog, July 27: Bruce Jentleson, professor of PPS, says that the New York Times polls show that Americans are "disillusioned, not isolationist."

(Boston) Phoenix News, July 6: A look at the prospects for violent summer crime draws on research co-authored by Professor of Public Policy Philip Cook, showing that while the crime rate is stable or declining, shootings are rapidly on the rise.

Washington Post, July 1: Every day, African-American men consciously work to offset stereotypes about them. Professor of PPS Sherman James studies how the stress of coping for black men can damage the circulatory system and lead to chronic poor health.

TPM Cafe's America Abroad blog, June 21: Professor of PPS Bruce Jentleson says buying into invocations of sovereignty by Sudan, North Korea and Iran “poses its own dangers to international peace, security and justice.”

TPM Cafe's America Abroad blog, June 4: Professor of PPS Bruce Jentlesonsays, “for all those around the world that we've encouraged to turn to the United States as a model of democracy, President Bush has served up yet another gambit of democracy more as manipulation than deliberation.”

WUNC-91.5 FM, May 24: William A. "Sandy" Darity Jr., research professor of PPS at Duke and director of the Institute of African American Research at UNC-Chapel Hill joined a discussion on “The State of Things” about how public schools should go about identifying and educating gifted students.

Christian Science-Monitor, May 17: Restoration of U.S. diplomatic ties to Libya demonstrates the power of diplomacy, says Professor of PPS Bruce Jentleson.

(Raleigh) News & Observer, March 9: Duke students and community researchers talked to disadvantaged families and found that a lack of health insurance and medical debt are key factors in rising levels of rural poverty.
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(Raleigh) News & Observer, Feb. 10: Duke visiting professor Bernard Avishai says the "breath of fresh air" in Israeli politics is acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s recruiting of international support before stating conditions for dealing with Hamas.  Duke News link