In The Media - Archive 2014

Some of the links may lead to content that is no longer available online.

Sun News. July 2. Unwed mothers have better luck with marriage if they say 'I Do' before child is 3: Study. Christina Gibson-Davis

Bloomberg. July 8. Rich Candidates Risk Clinton Gaffe With Senate in Play. Nick Carnes

Politico. July 2. Let’s Talk About ‘Death Panels’. Don Taylor

Counsel and Heal. July 2.Perfect Marital Bliss Passes 3 Years for Unwed Parents. Christina Gibson-Davis

Newser. July 2. Unwed Parents' 'Magic Moment' Lasts 'Til Kid Is 3. Christina Gibson-Davis

NY Mag.  July 2. Should We Care How Long Unwed Parents’ ‘Magic Moment’ Is? Christina Gibson-Davis

Contra Costa Times. June 25. Guest Commentary: The long, dark shadow of unemployment touches many. Anna Gassman-Pines

Milwaukee Public Radio. June 26. Thursday on Lake Effect: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap, Conflict Resolution, Mental Side of Tennis. Sandy Darity

Washington Post. July 8. What do policymakers want from academic experts on nuclear proliferation? Peter Feaver

News & Observer. June 24. One lost job, many effects. Anna Gassman-Pines

Fay Observer. May 22. Fracking: Tests hint at Cumberland County gas deposits. Richard Newell

Politifact. June 20.3 takeaways from the 2014 Global Fact-checking Summit. Bill Adair 

OUP Blog. June 13. Eight facts about the gun debate in the United States. Kristin Goss 

Huffington Post. June 17. Iraq Is Not a 'Terrorism' Problem. David Schanzer 

On Point with Tom Ashbrook. June 18. America’s Diabetes Surge. Kelley Brownell 

Bill Moyer. June 4. The Past Isn’t Past: The Economic Case for Reparations. Sandy Darity 

Huffington Post. May 30. The Climate Post: Upcoming EPA Power Plant Rule Stirs Speculation. Tim Profeta 

National Review. May 28. Divestment: A Hollow, Feel-Good Gesture from the Campus Left. Michael Munger

Forbes. May 28. Do People On The Right Feel Superior To Those On The Left? Peter Ubel 

Bloomberg. June 30. Housing Sales Hurt as Fewer Immigrants Chase Owner Dream. Jacob Vigdor

Chicago Sun-Times. June 27. A computer for every student solves nothing. Jacob Vigdor

ANINEWS. July 3.Unwed parents should marry before their kids' turn 3: Study. Christina Gibson-Davis 

NJ. June 27. Long-term unemployment assistance helps families, communities: Opinion. Anna Gassman-Pines 

WNCAT. May 27. 14 Moral Monday protesters arrested after sit-in in Tillis' office. Nancy MacLean

Washington Examiner. May 28. Cap-and-trade to get fresh look with EPA power plant rule. Tim Profeta.

Green Bay Press Gazette. June 5. Admiral hopes to squelch military scandals. Peter Feaver

Asia Times. May 29. Obama 'imprisoned' by terror paradigm. Bruce Jentleson 

NY Times. May 28. Rebutting Critics, Obama Seeks Higher Bar for Military Action. Peter Feaver 

News & Observer. May 27. Teachers get higher pay but give up tenure in NC Senate GOP plan. Jacob Vigdor

Charlotte Observer. May 27. Teachers get higher pay but give up tenure in NC Senate GOP plan. Jacob Vigdor

MSNBC. May 27. After UC Santa Barbara shooting, does gun control have new life? Kristin Goss

Washington Examiner. May 28. Cap-and-trade to get fresh look with EPA power plant rule. Tim Profeta

Demos. May 23. An Expert Responds to Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations. William Darity 

The Atlantic. May 23. On Whose Shoulders the Research Stands. William Darity

Global Post. May 27. Obama to make new bid to define foreign policy. Bruce Jentleson

New Republic. May 21. The Economics of Reparations: Why Congress Should Meet Ta-Nehisi Coates's Modest Demand. William Darity 

Science of Us. May 22. Why More Women Are Getting Unnecessary Double Mastectomies. Peter Ubel 

Huffington Post. May 20. 9/11 Museum Should Not Conflate Islam and Terrorism.DavidSchanzer

Duke Chronicle. June 16th.Sanford dean lends expertise to film on nation's food industry. Kelly Brownell 

Voices Chicago Suntimes. May 21.Sue’s Morning Stretch: The shocking things you’ll learn in ‘Fed Up’. Kelly Brownell 

Columbia Journalism Review. May 21. For the Times' innovation report to stick, its journalists need to be on board. Bill Adair May 21.The New York Times, innovation and the pampered newsroom. Bill Adair 

American Journalism Review. May 19. What the New York Times Innovation Report Says About the State (and Future) of Digital News. Bill Adair

USA Today. May 19. Bundled payments could cut Medicare fraud, experts say. Peter Ubel

The Boston Post. May 18.In readying Yale speech, Kerry looks back, ahead. Peter Feaver 

Politico. May 16.President Obama’s big carbon crackdown readies for launch. Tim Profeta 

USA Today. May 19. Bundled payments could cut Medicare fraud, experts say. Peter Ubel 

National Journal. May 19. If Your Grandma Gave You Savings Bonds for Your Birthdays, You Just Might Be White. William Darity Jr

Money Life. May 15.How many people are shot each year in America? Philip Cook

Mother Jones. May 16. Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America? Philip Cook 

Livement. May 9.Why India has woken up to the importance of toilets.Subhrendu Pattanayak 

The State. May 28. Teachers get higher pay but give up tenure in NC Senate GOP plan. Jacob Vigdor

Independent Weekly. May 7. Can Republicans squeeze a teacher pay raise from their denuded budget? Helen Ladd

News and Observer. May 3. 6 options on NC teacher pay. Jacob Vigdor 

Politico. May 12. School lunch changes cooking in subcommittee – State Watch: farm breweries and distilleries – Oregon to start collecting GMO ballot signatures. Kelly Brownell 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. May 11. Hard part of Affordable Care Act is making health system affordable. Donald Taylor 

Huffington Post Entertainment. May 9. Everyone Who Eats Food Should Probably See 'Fed Up'. Kelly D Brownell 

New York Times Deal Book. May 8. Lopsided Approach to Wall Street Fraud Undermines the Law. Ted Kaufman May 7. Approaches to digital fact checking across the world. Bill Adair 

South China Morning Post. May 6. "Hong Kong still seeking a middle ground on electoral." Judith Kelley May 3. "Teacher pay, Common Core take center stage during education panel." Joel Rosch

News & Observer. May 2." A forum will bring refreshing talk of stronger public schools." Helen F. Ladd.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. May 1. "Almost 140,000 Residents of Wisconsin Enrolled in Obamacare." Donald Taylor

National Geographic. May 1. "Cross State Air Pollution Rule Reinstated by Supreme Court." Tim Profeta

American Economic Association. May 1."Changing Conceptions of Poverty." William Darity Jr.

AlterNet. April 29. "Three Feisty Candidates Who Proudly Defend the Working and Middle Class." Nicholas Carnes

United Press International. April 29. "Many Chipotle Customers Underestimate Calories of a Burrito." Peter Ubel

BBC News. April 29. "The Rich Rule Because Politicians Are Rich." Nicholas Carnes

Talking Points Memo. April 28. "Of Course the U.S. is an 'Oligarchy'--We Keep Electing the Rich." Nicholas Carnes

USA Today. April 28. "Poll: Americans Support Sanctions, not Arms for Ukraine." Peter Feaver

Philadelphia magazine. April 28. "Study: You're Totally Underestimating the Calories in Your Chipotle Burrito." Peter Ubel

Refinery29. April 28. "An Entire Health Study Devoted to Chipotle?" Peter Ubel

USA Today. Also in Detroit Free Press. April 26. "Shotgun Weddings Becoming Relics of Another Time." Christina Gibson-Davis

Salon. April 26. "The 1 Percent's Midterms Scam: Why It's Not About Which Party Wins in '14." Nicholas Carnes

Washington Post. April 25. "A Simple Tweak Makes Calorie Labeling More Effective." Peter Ubel

Marketplace. April 24. "Using Data to Treat the Sickest and Most Expensive Patients." Peter Ubel

U.S. News. April 23. "After IPCC Report, What's Next for Climate Groups." Billy Pizer

Time. April 21. "What Law Schools Can Teach Colleges about Lowering Tuition." Charles Clotfelter

Forbes. April 18. "Does Higher Education Actually Prepare You for Your Career? Depends." Sanford School of Public Policy

New York Times. April 17. "Turn Emotion Into Action." Kristin Goss

Huffington Post. April 17. "The Climate Post: Federal Appeals Court Upholds EPA Mercury Rule." Tim Profeta

New Scientist. April 17. "The Story of Climate Change Gets Star Treatment." Frederick Mayer

Psychology Today. April 16. "School Program Dampens Threat Response, Aggression." Kenneth Dodge

MSNBC. April 16. "What Happens When the 1% Rules the American Political System." Nicholas Carnes

High Point Enterprise. April 15. "Mousa Alshanteer: We Need Another North Carolina Fund." Robert Korstad

The Star Ledger. April 14. "Homegrown Terrorism Threat was Overhyped: Opinion." David Schanzer

News & Observer. April 14. "Michael Munger: Economics Lesson." Michael Munger

New York Times. April 13. "In New Officers' Careers, Peace is No Dividend." Peter Feaver

Huffington Post. April 10. "Here's Scientific Proof that Life Gets Better as You Get Older." Peter Ubel

WUNC. April 10. "Competitive Teaching? NC Wrestles with Paying Best Teachers More." Jacob Vigdor

NPR. April 9. "A Look at Where Medicare Money Goes." Don Taylor

Wall Street Journal. April 9. "Immigrants in New York City Bolster Housing Values." Jacob Vigdor

Washington Post. Also in Information Clearing House. April 8. "The Rich are Running Latin America--and Why That Matters." Nicholas Carnes

News & Observer. April 7. "Army's Highest Officer to Speak at Duke University on Friday." Peter Feaver

Poynter. Also in IT Business Net. April 4. "Poynter to Hold Global Fact-Checking Summit in London." Bill Adair

New York Times. April 3. "Gujarat Experiments With Expansion of Public Health Insurance." Manoj Mohanan

Houston Chronicle. April 3. "Gun-Rights Advocates Push for Weapons on Military Installations." Kristin Goss

WOSU/NPR. April 2. "OSU AD Says Financial Support for Student Athletes Should Evolve." Charles Clotfelter

Bloomberg. April1. "Companies Try to Catch CO2 Before It Touches the Sky." Tim Profeta

WBTV. April 1. "Warren's Weekly: Teacher Pay and Effectiveness, Affordable Care Act, More." Jacob Vigdor

The Chronicle. April 1. "Four Duke Seniors to Pursue Research as Hart Fellows." Alma Blount

Patent Docs. March 31. "Dr. Cook-Deegan Brings the Medical Community Up to Date on the Myriad Case." Robert Cook-Deegan

Huffington Post. March 31. "Lifting All Boats." Hardy Vieux

Coloradoan. March 31. "Beer, Taxes, and Health: Cocktail of Issues Collides in Congress." Philip Cook

New Books in Political Science. March 31. "White-Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy-Making." Nicholas Carnes

News & Observer. Also in Insurance News Net. March 29. "NC Health Insurance Enrollments Lag for Young, Healthy People." Donald Taylor

Huffington Post. March 28. "The Climate Post: Air Pollution Now Top Environmental Health Risk." Tim Profeta

UDaily. March 28. "Kaufman Papers: University Library Announces Papers of Sen. Ted Kaufman Opened for Research." Ted Kaufman

WUNC. March 27. "Political Leadership Under 40." Jane Kim

NCAA. March 23. "Close but Not Close Enough: Michael Mayer and Williams Come Up Just Short in Title Game." Frederick Mayer

Forbes. March 23. "Environmentalists: Hold Your Noses but Deal with Carbon Capture and Shale Gas Drilling." Tim Profeta

Psychology Today. March 22. "What Are You Really Hungry For?" Kelly Brownell

Huffington Post. March 21. "The Climate Post: Reports, Website Document Effects of and Need for Dialogue on Climate Change." Tim Profeta

Inc. Also in Atlanta Journal-Constitution. March 21. "Why People End Up in Dead-End Jobs." Peter Ubel

WUNC. March 20. "On Racism: 'This is Our Heritage. You Can't Get Away From It." Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Week. March 18. "Here's How to Convince Your Boss It's Okay to Watch March Madness At Work." Charles Clotfelter

Washington Post. March 17. "Don't Worry About the March Madness Worker Productivity Loss Too Much." Charles Clotfelter

Huffington Post. March 14. "Time for Full Disclosure of CIA Interrogations." David Schanzer

Huffington Post. March 14. "The Climate Post: All-Night Senate Session Focuses on Climate Change." Tim Profeta

National Interest. March 13. "The Enduring Dilemmas of Democracy Promotion." Hal Brands

MSNBC. March 13. "Race is the Elephant in the Room When It Comes to Inequality." William Darity Jr.

The Conversation. March 11. "Students Who Repeat a Year Stoke Bad Behaviour in Class." Clara Muschkin

The Hill. March 11. "Ukraine Crisis Fuels Gas Debate." Richard Newell

Fiscal Times. Also in The Week. March 10. "The Bipartisan Policy Vacuum." Don Taylor

U.S. News. March 10. "Kids Who Repeat a Grade Can Become Discipline Problems, Study Says." Clara Muschkin

New York Times. March 10.

Forbes. March 7. "Do People Move Across State Borders to Receive Generous Medicaid Benefits?" Peter Ubel

Examiner. March 7. "Assessing Class in Government Policy Making." Nicholas Carnes

WRAL. March 7. "Affordable Care Act Could Challenge NC Budget." Don Taylor

NPR. March 6. "The Crisis in Ukraine and President Obama's Foreign Policy." Peter Feaver

NPR. March 5. "Obama Looks for EU Support to Pressure Russia on Ukraine." Peter Feaver

WUNC. Also in News & Observer and Charlotte Observer. Feb. 28.

Poynter. Feb. 28. "Creating New Forms of Journalism that Put Readers in Charge." Bill Adair

WRAL. Feb. 27. "More Hungry Families Find Food Stamp Progress Lacking." Anna Gassman-Pines

Christian Science Monitor. Feb. 27. "Michelle Obama Pitches New Food Labels: More Focus on Sugar, Less on Fat." Kelly Brownell

New Security Beat. Feb. 27. "For Environmental Peacebuilding and Development Work, Collaboration Pays Dividends." Erika Weinthal

Marketplace. Feb. 27. "Making Nutrition Facts Label More Helpful." Kelly Brownell

International Business Times. Feb. 26. "Republicans Still Looking for Ways to Cut Obama's Alleged Executive Overreach." Christopher Schroeder

Inside Higher Ed. Feb. 26. "How to Earn Tenure--II." Jacob Vigdor

Herald Sun. Feb. 25. "Public, Charter School Collaboration in the Future?" Helen Ladd

Duke Law. Feb. 25. "Schroeder Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee on President's Duty to Execute Laws, Feb. 26." Christopher Schroeder

New York Times. Feb. 22. "Winners Take All, But Can't We Still Dream?" Philip Cook

CNN. Feb. 21. "What Missouri's Gun Law Change Did." Philip Cook

Technician. Feb. 20. "Duke Professor Predicts Future of Energy Policy." Tana Johnson

Technician. Feb. 20. "Duke Professor Predicts Future of Energy Policy." Tana Johnson

Forbes. Feb. 20. "Does Health Insurance Improve Health? Evidence from Massachusetts." Peter Ubel

Huffington Post. Feb. 20. "The Mistake Locals Make When Advising Tourists." Peter Ubel

Baltimore Sun. Feb. 19. "Gun Control Works [Editorial]." Philip Cook

Christian Science Monitor. Feb. 19. "Trade Deals: Why Obama is Stymied by Members of His Own Party." Stephen Kelly

Philadelphia Inquirer. Feb. 19. "At 100, Crosswords Help Her Keep an Active Mind." James Vaupel

New Republic. Feb. 18. "A New Study Makes the Case for Gun Control." Philip Cook

Tarbell. Feb. 18. "Call It a Comeback." William Darity

NPR-WBUR. Feb. 17. "Making 'Big Food' Pay for Obesity." Kelly Brownell

Reuters. Also in Business Insider; NDTV. Feb. 14.

Forbes. Feb. 11. "CVS Action Brings Call for a Food Fight." Kelly Brownell

Triangle Business Journal. Feb. 11. "One Good Teacher Can Increase a Student's Earnings by $50K." Helen Ladd

Time Warner Cable News. Feb. 10. "Duke University Professor Helen Ladd on Teacher Performance." Helen Ladd

Charlotte Observer. Feb. 10. "Testing Sparks Debate at Forum on Teacher Pay, Evaluation." Helen Ladd

News & Observer. Feb. 10. "Forum Examines How to Recruit and Retain Good Teachers in NC." Helen Ladd

Duke Today. Feb. 9. "When Research Collides with Politics." Philip Cook, Billy Pizer

News & Observer. Feb. 8. "In NC, a GOP Assault With Intent to Destroy Public Education." Helen Ladd

News & Observer. Feb. 8. "In NC, a GOP Assault With Intent to Destroy Public Education." Helen Ladd

USA Today. Also in Detroit Free Press. Feb. 6. "Is 'Biggest Loser' Winner Too Thin? Experts Weigh In." Kelly Brownell

Foreign Affairs. Feb. 6. "If It Bleeds, It Leads: How Ukraine is Upending Putin's Olympics Media Strategy." Ellen Mickiewicz

USA Today. Feb. 6. "Equality Still Elusive 50 Years After Civil Rights Act." William Chafe

News & Observer. Feb. 5. "Episodes Show that the Reality TV of Politics Is Not Always Pretty." Mac McCorkle

Forbes. Feb. 4. "Another Early Obamacare Supporter: Richard Nixon?!" Peter Ubel

The Dissenting Democrat. Feb. 4. "Congressional Caucus for Full Employment." William Darity

New Republic. Feb. 3. "The Real Reason Abortion Has Declined." Elizabeth Ananat

PolicyMic. Feb. 3. "The Real Reason Abortion Rates Are at an All-time Low." Elizabeth Ananat

Los Angeles Times. Feb. 3. "How the GOP's Obamacare Alternative is Designed to Fail." Don Taylor

Duke Chronicle. Jan. 31. "Brownell Shares Experiences at Sanford So Far." Kelly Brownell

Duke Chronicle. Jan. 31. "Clay Aiken Considers Running for Congress in North Carolina." Bill Adair

WUNC. Jan. 31. "The State of the Union: What It Means for North Carolina." Jacob Vigdor

Chronicle of Higher Education. Jan. 29. "College Football Players Seek to Form a Labor Union." Charles Clotfelter

Climate Wire. Jan. 29. "Obama Tells Sidelined Lawmakers that Climate Change is 'a Fact'." Tim Profeta

Poynter. Jan. 28. "How PolitiFact Gets Ready for 'the Super Bowl for Fact-checkers'." Bill Adair

Washington Times. Jan. 26. "Iowa Politicians Line Up to Support Veterans." Peter Feaver

Daily Beast. Jan. 26. "Rep. David Price Remembers When a Less Partisan Congress Actually Worked." David Price

Huffington Post. Jan. 24. "How the 0.01 Percent Underwrites, and Undermines, Politics." Nicholas Carnes

WUNC. Jan. 23. "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA?" David Schanzer

New York Times. Jan. 21. "Photo Archive is Said to Show Widespread Torture in Syria." Peter Feaver

USA Today. Jan. 20. "Poll: Most Americans Now Oppose the NSA Program." Peter Feaver

Reuters. Jan. 16. "Overweight Americans Who Pick Diet Drinks Eat More Food: Study." Kelly Brownell

WRAL. Jan. 16. "Every Fourth Child...Still." Robert Korstad

Wall Street Journal. Jan. 16. "Americans' Eating Habits Take a Healthier Turn Study Finds." Kelly Brownell

Sun Journal. Jan. 15. "Funding Issues Under New Health Care Law May Cause Problems." Don Taylor

Chronicle of Philanthropy. Jan. 14. "Proposed Detroit Grants Test Limits of Philanthropic Aid to Cities." Joel Fleishman

News & Observer. Jan. 14. "NC Children Having to Wait for Food Stamps Unacceptable." Melissa Burroughs

MSNBC. Jan. 13. "Nearly Half of All Americans Support Job Guarantee." William Darity

Elon Pendulum. Jan. 13. "Duke University Professor Offers Unorthodox Solutions for U.S. Income Gap." William Darity

Climate Central. Jan. 13. "Trains Will Still Move Oil Despite Wrecks, Keystone XL." Stephen Kelly

WRAL. Jan. 12. "McCrory Begins Second Year in Office Facing Familiar Challenges." Mac McCorkle

Boston Globe. Jan. 12. "America's White-Collar Congress." Nicholas Carnes

Chapel Hill News, Jan. 10. "Amanda Young: More SROs Won't Make Schools Safer." Amanda Young

Bloomberg. Also in Newsmax. Jan. 9. "Gates Shatters Image of Calmness In Faulting Obama on War." Peter Feaver

Washington Post. Jan. 8. "Congress Doesn't Have to Be a Millionaires' Club." Nicholas Carnes

CRIENGLISH NEWS Plus. Jan. 7. "NSA's Proposed Reform." David Schanzer

WUNC. Jan. 7. "Do Most Politicians Come from Money? Here's What the Research Says." Nicholas Carnes

Washington Post. Jan. 7. "Millionaires Run Our Government. Here's Why That Matters." Nicholas Carnes

Wall Street Journal. Jan. 6. Hospital, Drug Firm Tangle Over Royalties. Robert Cook-Deegan

Associated Press. Jan. 6. "As Cohabitation Gains Favor, Shotguns Weddings Fade." Christina Gibson-Davis

WNCN. Jan. 5. "Perdue's Passion for Education Continues After Leaving Office." Beverly Perdue

WNCN. Jan. 5. Duke Forum Highlights Education Reform. Kenneth Dodge

The Hill. Jan. 3. Mistake to Focus on Border Security. Jacob Vigdor

Down to Earth. Jan. 2. Gujarat's Chirajeevi Yojana Fails to Deliver. Manoj Mohanan