In The Media Archive

Bloomberg. Also in Newsmax. Jan. 9. "Gates Shatters Image of Calmness In Faulting Obama on War." Peter Feaver

Washington Post. Jan. 8. "Congress Doesn't Have to Be a Millionaires' Club." Nicholas Carnes

CRIENGLISH NEWS Plus. Jan. 7. "NSA's Proposed Reform." David Schanzer

WUNC. Jan. 7. "Do Most Politicians Come from Money? Here's What the Research Says." Nicholas Carnes

Washington Post. Jan. 7. "Millionaires Run Our Government. Here's Why That Matters." Nicholas Carnes

Wall Street Journal. Jan. 6. Hospital, Drug Firm Tangle Over Royalties. Robert Cook-Deegan

Associated Press. Jan. 6. "As Cohabitation Gains Favor, Shotguns Weddings Fade." Christina Gibson-Davis

WNCN. Jan. 5. "Perdue's Passion for Education Continues After Leaving Office." Beverly Perdue

WNCN. Jan. 5. Duke Forum Highlights Education Reform. Kenneth Dodge

The Hill. Jan. 3. Mistake to Focus on Border Security. Jacob Vigdor