DC Firm Shows Long-term Commitment to Sanford Interns

Thirty years ago, life at Washington Analysis Corp. was a little bit different – there were no computers, research was done in libraries, and policy sectors such as technology didn’t exist. But through the years one thing has remained the same: every summer, a Sanford public policy student interns with the research firm.

The first Duke undergraduate intern went about finding the required internship in a familiar way. His father called a friend, who happened to be a partner at Washington Analysis, and asked if they had a position.

“After that, we got hooked into the department,” said Ira Loss, a senior partner at the firm. “And ever since, we’ve had at least one intern from Duke every year.”

Interns have a variety of responsibilities, including research, attending Congressional hearings and regulatory hearings, and canvassing organizations to get their views on a piece of legislation. This helps Washington Analysis develop a complete picture of who supports a given piece of legislation and why, so they can then advise their clients as to a smart investment strategy.

Founded in 1973, Washington Analysis specializes in analyzing the impact of public policy on heavily regulated industries, such as energy, media, telecommunications and the environment.  Their clients are often current or potential investors in publically traded companies who are interested in knowing how certain pieces of legislation will affect the industries’ productivity.

According to Loss, the interns give partners at the firm an opportunity to stay connected to the young people of today, something Loss says is very important for business people to do.

“As much as the interns learn a lot,” Loss said. “The partners learn a lot too.”