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Susan Timberlake named outstanding MPP

The following is excerpted from Director of Graduate Studies Helen "Sunny" Ladd's remarks at the Institute's graduation ceremony, as she announced that Susan Timberlake had been named the outstanding MPP student, based on her strong academic record, excellent master's memo, significant contribution to the intellectual and professional vitality of the Institute, and potential for outstanding success in public service.

Susan came to the Institute two years ago from the department of biomedical engineering, in which she had been doing graduate course work and research. Her strong training in the sciences, and her concern about the teaching of science, provided the impetus for her master's memo, which examined how to improve North Carolina's alternative program for certifying math and science teachers for K-12 education. North Carolina, like many other fast-growing states, faces a potentially large teacher shortage especially in the fields of math and science.

In addition to her truly outstanding academic work in the MPP program, Susan has contributed to the Institute by working with the Graduate Internship Fund and with Stan Paskoff on the design of the Institute's web site. And she has contributed to Duke University by writing a monthly column on science, technology and education issues for the student newspaper, and since 1996, by serving as a voting member of the Duke University Board of Trustees as the elected representative of the graduate and professional students.

Finally, we congratulate Susan for being selected in a national competition as a presidential management intern. So, Susan, it is with great pleasure that we give you this award and in anticipation of future service to the country, in the area of science policy and education.

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