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Several alumni were Presenters at the 1996 NC Center for Nonprofits Annual Conference held in Durham, NC last Fall. Marilyn Foote-Hudson (G'84) sat on a panel "Corporate Priorities in Changing Times;" Pam Seamans (G'94) participated in the discussion "An 'All-Issue' Legislative Update;" Paul Nunnally (UG'91), Executive Director of ELIMU spoke on "Working with Youth: From Their Perspective;" Tracy Hollister (G'96) held a curbside session on "Nonprofits and the NC Progress Board;" Claudia Horwitz (G'94) moderated a session on "The Art of Feeding the Spirit: Through Writing."

Bruce Johnson (G'77) is President, Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association and recently participated in a seminar discussion on "Creating the Public Service of the Future." The seminar was sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration.

Sylvia Malm (G'83) has returned to the Washington, DC area on a permanent basis and is working for the EPA in the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water as a regulation team leader. Her responsibilities include work on radon drinking water regulations and assuring compliance with multiple Congressional requirements.

Marilyn Foote-Hudson (G'84) was the main speaker at a recent National Society of Fundraising Executives luncheon. She spoke about new developments within the Glaxo-Wellcome Foundation.

Julie Firestone Kemper (G'89) is the Assistant Director of TROSA (Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers). Julie was instrumental in securing an elementary school building as headquarters for the program. The main auditorium, which the program participants recently renovated, has been named Kemper Hall in recognition of Julie's volunteer work.

Robin Langdon (G'90) has been promoted to Vice President of Environmental Brokerage Services with Cantor Fitzgerald Environmental Brokerage Service in Larkspur, CA.

Daphne McMurrer (G'90) is working as a Program Specialist with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission in Austin, TX. She is in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling. Her work focuses on regulatory innovation projects which include encouraging more flexible requirements and more efficient environmental improvements for the State of Texas.

Janet Kroll (G'91) is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Education. Janet is a Program Associate at the Pew Charitable Trust in Philadelphia.

Tim Cook (G'92) is a Captain with the US Coast Guard and recently spent four weeks at sea. He played an integral part in seizing two tons of cocaine from Panama.

Nancy Hankes Hamilton (G'92) won First place in the Master's Ladies Division at the South Atlantic Regional Figure Skating Championships held in Pittsburgh last November She qualified to compete in the Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships held December 7 in NY where she won the Silver medal. This win qualifies her to skate in the Nationals competition in Lake Placid, NY in April 1997.

Suzanne Sardinia (G'92) has moved to Austin, TX. Prior to this move, Suzanne worked for the Council of Chief State School Officers in Washington, DC.

Allan Holmes (G'93) has been promoted at Federal Computer Week to Assistant Managing Editor. His responsibilities are now focused more on editing than on reporting.

Pam Seamans (G'94) was successful as a part-time lobbyist for the NC Child Advocacy Institute. She and the Institute's director introduced and had appropriated $250,000 for a statewide clearinghouse and information resource center to include comprehensive information and referral services. Pam has been nominated and elected to chair Covenant of NC Children, a coalition of 45 children-oriented organizations. In addition, she has been selected to be a member of the fourth class of Leadership NC, a six month leadership program designed for emerging leaders from across North Carolina from public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Jenny Schulstad (G'95) has just written her company's new brochure. She is working for Summit Planning and Public Affairs, Inc. in Seattle, WA, and conducts technical planning research, formulates policy options, designs public information and education campaigns, and assists with data-intensive reports.

Dan Hofrenning (G'85) was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Political Science at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. He is the author of In Washington But Not Of It: The Prophetic Politics of Religious Lobbyists (Philadelphia: Temple University Press).


Ariel Ahart (G'88) was married to Donald Lu on October 26 in Washington, DC.

Dave Edwards (G'88) married Ayesha Khanna in New Delhi on January 6, 1994. Dave is currently working for Coopers and Lybrand in Atlanta, GA. His responsibilities include the telecommunications policy spectrum.

Vincent Dennis (G'90) married Megan McKeever on October 26, 1996 in Grosse Pointe, MI. Matt Cullinan (G'90) and Ben Muskovitz (G'90) attended the black tie event.

Daniel Blume (G'91) was married to Valerie Socroun in Paris on July 5. He has a seven year old step-daughter Lia. Friends from Duke at the wedding included Jule Allaire MacDonald (G'91), Elana Varon (G'91), Andy Eschtruth (G'91), and Karen Armstrong (G'90).

Bob Hartzel (G'93) married Donna Goodwill on September 8 in Massachusetts. Bob continues to work with the Office of Water Resource for the Management, Lakes and Ponds Program for the State of MA.

John Richardson (G'93) married Linda Latham in Middleton, VA on September 28. John is working for the Office of Management and Budget in the Health Division.

Jonathan Wilson (G'93) was married to Alexa Mayo in May 1995 in Stonington, CT. Classmates Dale Royal (G'93) and Jennifer Martin (G'93) attended the wedding. Jonathan is working as the Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation for the National Center for Lead-Safe Housing in Columbia, MD.

Caroline Davis (G'94) and Peter Dahling (G'94) were married September 21, 1996 in Piedmont, CA. Caroline continues to work as a Budget Examiner for OMB's Health Division, and Pete is working as an Analyst for Project Performance Corp., focusing on environmental issues.

Scott Bauer (G'95) was married to Meg Michel at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on May 26, 1996. Scott made law review at UNC at the end of his first year of law school and spent last summer working at the NC Dept. of the Environment.

Morgan Smith (G'95) was married to Mike Lunsford on April 20, 1996 in Durham, NC. Morgan is working for Professor Bob Conrad at the Sanford Institute on Russian tax reform.

Ryan Lordos (G'96) and Megan Manatt were married September 1, 1996 in Iowa. Ryan is working as an Examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank in NY.

Moving Up

Donna Dyer (UG'78) was highlighted in a recent News & Observer article "10 People To Watch This Year." Donna is the executive director of the Orange Community Housing Corporation and is Chairwoman of the Durham Housing Authority. Prior to this work, Donna was a city planner with the City of Durham. Donna will be working toward more low-income rental housing.

Donna Slawson (G'82) is now an attorney with the U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit in Durham, NC. In addition, she continues to teach the Master's Memo Policy Analysis Workshop at the Sanford Institute and to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke.

Pam Boswell (G'85) continues to work for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and has just been promoted to Manager, Government and Community Relations. She is working on public affairs for interstate transportation operations.

Lisa Redolphy Siegel (G'86) was promoted last August to Senior Analyst in the Budget Formulation and Presentation, Office of Financial Management at the FDA. Her responsibilities include formulation of FDA budgets.

Rafael Aranda (G'87) is pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at the Institutio Universitario Ortega Y Gasset in Mexico. He is also a new father to Sebastian who was born September 26 and weighed approx. 7 lbs.

Leslie Takahashi (G'87) has moved from being the Assistant Vice President for Public Policy in the North Carolina Community College System to a new position as interim Executive Director of the Wildacres Leadership Program.

Bob McDonough (G'88) has moved from the District of Columbia where he worked at the OTA to Middletown, CT to join Aetna Health Plans as a senior medical technology consultant in the Clinical Policy and Research Department

Kate Berry (G'89) was promoted at McManis and Associates to Vice President. Her responsibilities include selling and overseeing $2 million in revenue. In addition, she is responsible for the recruiting and development of new associates.

Starla Maree Story Wacker (G'89) is living in the Richmond area and is the Assistant Vice President, Resource Development for the United Way Services. She has development responsibility for $10 million. Also, she had a baby boy, Alexander Story, born in December 1995.

Eric Christopherson (G'91) has been promoted to Senior Associate at Caliber Associates, a research and management consulting firm in the DC area. He provides program evaluation and performance measurement services to a broad variety of human service programs.

Craig Havighurst (G'91) has moved to Nashville, TN. He continues to work with the Federation of American Health Systems' Health Systems Review.

Mary Lange (G'91) moved to Geneva, Switzerland for a two year assignment in the Office of Refugee and Migration Affairs (US State Dept.), serving as the liaison to internal refugee organiza-tions based in Geneva.

Ellen Breslin Davidson (G'92) has moved to Boston, MA. She is working as a health care analyst in the MA Department of Medical Assistance (Medicaid).

Bob Malme (G'92) is now working with Professor Jay Hamilton at the Sanford Institute as a Research Aide in the Violence in the Media Program. Prior to his work at the Institute, Bob worked at the EPA Superfund Program in Duke's Dept. of Economics.

Dionne Brown (G'94) is working with Birch and Davis Associates as a consultant for management and information systems issues in health care environments. Prior to this work, Dionne was with Systems Research and Applications, Inc.

Susan Goldenson (G'94) has been promoted to Associate Director for State Policy with the Alzheimer's Association.

Dave Grunwald (G'94) has returned from Cambodia and is working as the Associate Director of the Weingart Center, the largest homeless shelter in the country. He runs nine different programs ranging from referral services to HIV/AIDS persons to parolees.

Elizabeth Hudgins (G'94) has moved to Glendale, AZ. She is working as a Research Analyst with Children's Action Alliance helping determine the impact of State policies on children in AZ.

Susie Powell (G'94) has moved from the Council for Excellence in Government where she was managing the federal grants for the Innovations in American Government Awards for the Ford Foundation to budget work for the Clinton/Gore '96 headquarters and is now doing budget work for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Mike Burgmaier (G'95) has a new job working for Children Now in Oakland, CA. His work includes developing ways to help insure all children and ensuring that managed care arrangements are not denying children quality care.

Edie Dulacki (G'95) moved from Raleigh to Denver to work as a health analyst with Johnston Wells, a public relations firm. She is responsible for strategic planning for HMO legislative affairs.

Stephanie Eglinton (G'95) has moved from Capitol Hill to WorldLearning, a Vermont-based non-governmental organization specializing in foreign aid. Stephanie was a Javits Fellow working for Senator Joseph Biden.

Terri Powell (G'95) has left Self Help Credit Union to join the Charlotte Housing Administration.

Brad Regens (G'95) recently moved to Phoenix, AZ where he is working as a Fiscal Analyst for the Arizona Joint Budget Committee. Prior to this work, he lived in Washington, DC. Brad's responsibilities include budget work on health, banking, and judiciary issues.

Eric Rollins (G'95) is working as a Legislative Analyst with the Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. His first assignment is to conduct research on ways to improve the structure and functioning of the cabinet system and the executive branch.

Jon Rosenwasser (G'95) was working with the Senate Budget Committee as part of his Javits Fellowship (one year program) and has been asked to remain working with the Committee.

Monica Wassel (G'95) is now the Clinical Consulting Manager at APACHE Medical Systems in McClean, VA. She is working with aspects of health care with quality improvement in a clinical setting (specifically intensive care and cardiac care units).


Dea Larsen Converse (G'87) and her husband, Alex are the proud parents of Benjamin Larsen who was born on October 30, 1996 in Madison, WI. Dea is working for the State of Wisconsin in the Division of Energy and Intergovernmental Relations.

Will Davis (G'87) and his wife Barbara have a new son, Maxwell Samuel, born August 14, 1996 weighing 7 lbs., 2 oz. Will is working as a Legislative Management Officer for the National Security Council.

Karen Yova Lindia (G'87) and her husband Paul announce the birth of a son, Matthew Stephen, on May 15, 1996. Karen is the Director of Operations Improvement for Duke University Medical Center.

Dave Alexander (G'88) and his wife, Lorraine, are the proud parents of a baby girl. Kathryn Marie was born September 27, 1996. Dave is working at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC.

Tina Morris Anderson (G'88) and her husband, Rev. Paul Anderson, have a new addition, Paul (Petey) Leon Anderson, Jr. born September 4, 1996. Tina is working for Congressman David Price's District Office.

Melanie Elaine Piller was born to Janet Syme Piller (G'90) and Greg Piller on November 1, 1996. She weighed 8 lbs. Janet continues to work at the OMB.

Kelly Colopy (G'91) and her husband Stephen have a new son, Kevin Andrew, born August 13, 1995. Kelly has moved to Utah and is working for the State of Utah's Department of Child and Family Services.

Sheila White Chavis (G'92) and her husband Kevin had a son on November 27. Kyle Lewis Chavis weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz. Sheila is attending law school at NC Central University and will continue to work part-time for the State of NC Office of Planning.

Allan Holmes (G'93) and his wife Pam are the proud parents of Iain Tigner Holmes who was born January 17, 1996 in Washington, DC.

Class of 1996 Job Placements

Madhuri Bhat North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute
Jeremy Citro American Association of Retired Persons
Marlet Cox City of New Orleans, Div. of Housing & Neighborhood Development
Kevin Coyle Craven County Future
Stacy Crowell Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group
Tom Danielson U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mike Deagle Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group
Keith Ernst N. C. Justice and Community Development Center
Jorge Febres Inter-American Development Bank
Kristin Goss Harvard University/Ph.D. Government
Cassandra Hanley Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Tracy Hollister N. C. Department of Public Instruction
Alexis Jue U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Admin. for Children & Families
Peter Kant State of Texas, Texas Sunset Advisory Commission
Drew Kim Public Education Network
Jun Kuroda Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Ryan Lordos Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Kirk Odegard Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Kelly Opheim International Institute for Energy Conservation
Alexia Pappas The Honorable D. Brock Hornby
Patrick Prickett Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Rebecca Rund Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group
Gina Scorza Brosius Russian Tax Reform Program, Duke University
David Sheldon Council for Excellence in Government
Chris Spahr Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Marc Sumerlin Senate Budget Committee
Brian Washington N.C. Association of Educators
Fulton Wong Duke University Medical Center

Volume 25/1996-1997 contents | Duke Policy News Online | Sanford Institute